SWD Workplace Spotlight: Eco Relics 

Website: http://ecorelics.com/

Email: info@ecorelics.com 

Phone: (904) 330-0074


SWD Designation:  In Progress- Currently at Leaf 3

About Eco Relics: 

Eco Relics “is a company that prides itself on keeping usable construction supplies out of landfills and saving as many architectural remnants as possible. This business is passionate about investing in the community by salvaging building materials from diverse sources and selling them to their patrons at a fraction of the retail cost.”

SWD Designation in Process:

Below are just some of the ways Eco Relics is operating at a 3 Leaf Designation and working towards Leaf 4. 

  • Energy Efficient: 
    • Cooling-  When you walk into the Eco Relics warehouse, among all the treasures, if you look up, you'll notice the very large ceiling fans used to cool the 50,000 sq.ft. facility. No air conditioner needed with these fans! 
    • Occupancy Sensors-  This renovated old freight depot is so large that sometimes there are areas without customers and employees- no need to light these sections. When you visit and are the first person to walk into a certain section after a period of time, you'll notice the lights are on sensors and will turn on.    


  • Reducing Waste: 
    • Whether its duplex printing, using scrap paper, adding to their pen supply by buying printers' misprinted pens that otherwise couldn't be sold, or even salvaging plants from demolition sites to use on-site, Eco Relics is helping reduce waste in their business operations, as well as the products they sell. 
  • Water: 
    • Thirsty? Eco Relics offers customers and employees cold water through their Atmospheric Water Generator or AWG.  That's right, the humidity is the source of the drinking water, of course after it has been through at least five levels of filtration including UV.

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