“I recently started a Green Team at Ruth N. Upson Elementary School for grades 3-5 using the Educate & Act environmental program. I can’t say enough wonderful things about all that is included. The PowerPoints are amazing, with great images, facts and videos to help students understand the environmental impact and what they can do to help save our schools, communities, and planet. It’s everything a teacher needs for a successful educational program. Quite simply, it eliminates the time consuming process of finding the information piece by piece. The craft projects are excellent. They are not only enjoyable, but show the students what they can do with reusable items to make new things.

“Educate & Act gives students the chance to see how they can make a difference. It builds their self confidence, social skills, and self worth. I even have parents that attend every meeting and are amazed by what they are learning. The students are excited to share their new found knowledge with everyone they know, which is one of our biggest goals. We look forward to every meeting and only wish we had more time for discussion.

“I know this program can make a difference in not just helping our planet, but showing our students they can be the “change” we want to see in the world. I have thirty students in the program, with about thirty more that would love to join. The kids in the group are spreading the word and they are taking it seriously. Thank you so much for what you are doing for our children and our planet.”
Jessica Petote -Teacher & Duval County Green Champion of the Year 2013– Ruth N. Upson Elementary School, Jacksonville, Florida

“It is with great enthusiasm that I embrace the Educate & Act environmental education program at our school!  Our children impact our world with the facilitation of innovative service and stewardship to our environment.  It is pure joy to watch our young leaders change the world!”
Betsy Wierda Principal, Ocean Palms Elementary, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

"As a school guidance counselor, I was interested in starting an after school program for students that involved service learning as well as my passion for the outdoors, and the GREEN TEAM Curriculum, Educate & Act, was the perfect fit.  The program correlated perfectly with the introduction to our school-wide recycling program and kids were interested and wanted to get involved.  The curriculum is well organized and ready to use, which is a huge plus for busy educators without much planning time.  We liked the video clips, the games, and the art ideas that accompanied the units and combined the curriculum with maintaining our school gardens and even with some recycled art projects.  I am grateful for Ms. Wood involvement and for this well though out curriculum and hope to continue with it in years to come."  
Ms. Dana Harrison - School Counselor, Osceola Elementary School, St. Augustine, Florida

"Our 4th grade son Jack has been involved in the Green Team at Ocean Palms Elementary School for the past 2 years. He loves the Green Team and has learned so much about our earth, recycling, composting, Green architecture, renewable and non-renewable resources, and water conservation. He loves sharing his knowledge through print, projects, and power point presentations. He has participated in fundraising by selling re-usable grocery store bags, has had beach clean ups, lead Earth day fair activities, and visited the neighborhood Aquaponic farm. Our son is intelligent and very active. The Green Team has managed to direct his abounding energy in so many creative ways. He has even brought the Green Team home by doing all the recycling at home each week and encouraging us to compost. The Educate & Act lessons have kept him interested and involved in so many ways. He definitely wants to be part of the Green team in 5th grade and the lessons he has learned will follow him the rest of his life." Libby Canon - Parent of a student in the program

"My son Max is 10 years old and was a member of the Green Team at his school. I am ashamed to say that before he joined the Green Team, our recycling efforts at home were very minimal. From the very first meeting, Educate & Act had an extreme impact on Max. He immediately started coming home and talking about all the interesting facts he was learning. He would share all the benefits of recycling, and all of the different things that could be recycled and reused.

Our home has now dramatically changed for the better, and we now seem to have more recycling to take out to the side of the road than trash. Now, it’s a weekly job that Max enjoys. He also enjoys walking down our street on garbage night and taking things out that others have thrown out that he feels can be reused or recycled. He has brought home shelves, a table, plastic bins, hose holder, and countless other things. He has made a garden with the wood from the shelves and grows his own herbs, vegetables and flowers. He fixed the hose holder and gave it back to the neighbors once he fixed it and they were amazed.

When our family has a beach day, Max will spend part of the time picking up trash that has been left and/or washed ashore and throws the garbage before we leave and brings the recycled items home to put in our bins. Educate & Act has had an extreme impact on Max and has opened his eyes to a world he probably would have never known so much about, had it not been for this program. Max speaks often to his family, friends and even strangers he encounters that are not recycling or reusing things that should be. Max looks forward to his Green Team meetings every week and to the creative and fun projects Educate & Acts offers him and the ability to spread the word." 
Very truly yours, A grateful parent and a proud new recycler!
Jennifer Grenadier - Parent of a student in the program

“Educate & Act is a fabulous program that motivates kids while teaching them about the environment. Because of my daughter’s participation in the class, we installed solar panels for our water heater and pool.  My daughter now brings a reusable water bottle to school, serving as a good role model for her classmates and her family.” Alicia Bernet- Parent of a student in the program

“My son has learned so much through your teachings in the Educate and Act environmental education program. He is more aware of how simple acts like conserving, recycling and reusing can help our environment and our lifestyles.  He helps put recycles in the recycle bin and brings them to the curb weekly.  He also is more conscious of conserving water in everyday activities like brushing teeth, showering, and washing hands.  Another habit he has picked up is thinking of alternate uses of items before we throw them away. All of these actions can save us time and money which is an added bonus in these economic times. He not only is learning important information from this program, he is also teaching his family members to think about the environment and their surroundings as well. He honestly has developed a true interest in his environment.  I really appreciate all of the time, work and knowledge that you share and put into this program.  Thank you so very much.” Marie Johnson Parent of a student in the program

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