Green Teams for Individuals and Families

The Green Team Project's residential program focuses on individuals and their households.  Teams are formed in numerous ways through churches, neighborhood associations, friends and family members,  Mom's groups, civic community groups, outreach programs, apartment buildings, and so on.  The locations of team meetings vary but are predominantly held in team members homes (with potluck dinners or appetizers), library meeting rooms, and workplace conference rooms.

The whole concept is based on working together in small groups and supporting each other. Research has shown that people are more likely to try new things, learn new habits and make long-lasting changes when they have the support of others. 

In today's world, most people know that they can do better when it comes to the environment and their own impact but either do not know where to begin or don't have the time. The Green Team Project provides an easy format and fun atmosphere that does not take a lot of time for people to follow through on their good intentions. 

During the program they learn that by completing conservation actions and changing a few habits they save money, many valuable resources, and they get to meet some great people in the process.

There is a small cost for each team member.  This fee includes a workbook customized to the local area, a supplemental resource binder full of additional local information, the support of a trained coach to facilitate meetings, and calculated individual and team results that measure how much a team member and the team accomplished in regards to resource and monetary savings. 

How it works

Once a team is formed, each participant receives a Green Action Guide and commits to attend a total of seven meetings.  Each meeting focuses in depth on one chapter of the Guide everyone chooses which actions he/she will try to complete in that topic area before the next meeting.

 At the following meeting, everyone shares their experiences on which actions they were able or unable to complete as well as learns about the next topic area.  There is a lot of laughter, discussion and learning that occurs at each meeting.  At the last meeting, participants turn in a summary report form of all their actions and later receive their individual and team statistics showing their financial and resource savings.  

The average participant saves between 10-30% in each resource area and between $60-$500 a year on bills.

To sign up for a Green Team or form one in your neighborhood, click HERE.

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