What is a Green Team?

Green Teams take many shapes and sizes depending upon the needs of the group.  Green Team Project has Green Teams for:
Green Teams for Individuals, Business and Agencies

Green teams for individuals, families, businesses, agencies and organizations utilize the Green Action Guide: Steps to Sustainable Living.  Each chapter in this customized workbook provides participants with facts relevant to the topic and the environment, goals to achieve, and green action steps for participants to take before the next team meeting.

The topics are:
  • Solid waste
  • Water usage
  • Household chemicals
  • Energy usage
  • Transportation
  • Community action
Green Teams focus on individual behaviors in the household and in the workplace.  Teams are formed in numerous ways through churches, neighborhood associations, friends and family members, company workplace teams, Mom's groups, non-profit organizations, civic community groups, government outreach programs, apartment buildings, and the list goes on.  

The locations of team meetings vary but are predominantly held in team members homes (with potluck dinners or appetizers), library meeting rooms, and conference rooms.  At every meeting, there is usually an educational presentation and discussion on that week's resource and then each team member chooses the actions he/she plans to take before the next meeting where they report on what they accomplished.

It is the team process that makes the Green Team Project successful. 

Employed by many other entities such as the Grameen Bank, Weight Watchers, and Alcoholics Anonymous, the team process works because people feel empowered, supported and responsible to the group. They feel a part of something meaningful and bigger than themselves. 

With the support of The Green Action Guide and a trained coach, we assist communities (i.e., neighborhoods, cities, counties), universities, and organizations (i.e., non-profits, community groups, churches) in forming successful, active Green Teams.

Green Teams for Schools

Green Teams for Schools utilize the Educate & Act curriculum which is a free environmental education program for students in grades 3-12.  The curriculum materials are sponsored by ECOS Education LLC, and are offered to schools, educational programs or organizations wishing to educate school-aged students on sustainability, environmental issues and conservation.

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