Program Overview

Educating & Empowering Students to Be Environmental Stewards

Educate & Act® provides twenty-one, easy-to-implement, curriculum units that cover a large range of environmental topics like recycling, energy, water, air quality, composting, trees, endangered species and more. Educate & Act® is designed for students in grades 3-12.  Students involved in the program participate in projects and activities that improve their environment and educate others on how to live more sustainable.  

Educate & Act® is correlated to the Common Core State Standards and the AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner. The Program utilizes the challenged-based learning approach. This approach focuses on increasing student engagement by providing collaborative learning experiences, in which teachers and students work together to explore compelling issues, propose solutions to real problems, and take action. The approach asks students to reflect on their learning and the impact of their actions, and present their ideas and solutions. 

The program is designed to be used in class, in an after school enrichment program or environmental club. The program has individual units that can be completed in one to three class periods (each period equals an hour to an hour and a half). Lesson units provide helpful components like presentation materials, lesson plans, activities, web resources, templates and project checklists. 


Students in the program will:

  • be involved in activities that will teach them how they can appreciate and improve the environment through hands-on, real-world learning experiences
  • create school-based public service announcements and commercials
  • educate fellow students through presentations they plan, prepare and present
  • assist with the recycling efforts at the school or facility
  • plan and manage several school and community outreach events
  • plant a tree at the school, facility or park
  • host an Earth Day Fair
  • make recycled crafts
  • participate in a Swap and much more!

Tyler Gerhart Wood created Educate & Act® as she found it challenging to locate an easy-to-deliver, engaging and comprehensive environmental program for her child’s school. She created a Green Team using the Educate & Act program and taught the program for four years at Ocean Palms Elementary School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Tyler believes every child should be environmentally literate so that they can effectively care for the planet they will inherit. “Children are our strongest advocate for environmental change and truly want to make a difference in the world”.

In order to access the Educate & Act® curriculum, simply click on the "Join Our Community" tab and select "Educate & Act" membership from the menu.  Once you are a member, you can access the curriculum materials at any time through the "Members Only" tab.   

Educate & Act® is used by over 200 educational facilities in 26 states. Read what others are saying about Educate & Act®.  See Educate & Act® at an elementary school.

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